Sunday, August 3, 2008

We're still Kicking

Okay, Okay so I have been non-existent for awhile. Those of you who have emailed me with concern for the family- thank you for checking on us. So here is a rundown of our last few weeks.

  • Landree is doing well and goes back Wednesday for a check-up with the Surgeon.
  • Haley's girls went to Little Rock for two weeks and I get them back tomorrow- Yeah!
  • My best friend Jessica and her son Colby came and spent almost a week with us and it was like no time had passed. We had a great time and it's only been a week since she has been gone and I already miss her dearly. If anyone has seen a SD card, I'm looking for one that has the most of her vacation pics on it.
  • Landree developed a yeast infection from all of her antibiotics and got sidelined again from Summer Camp/Mother's Day Out
  • We made a grand tour of Louisiana and it was way too short. We normally have Nacho and Margarita night at Moms but we brought some of our Vacation Alcohol and Nacho and Guavaberry Colada night instead. Ooohhh it made me want to go back to the Caribbean again. I got to see Katie, Jayce, and Maddie all of which I have not seen since Christmas. The Grants have decided to move back to Bossier so we get to see them more- Yeah. We then took Katie and Jayce with us and went to Mawmaws and Genevas. I have pictures from a fishing trip with my grandmother, great aunt and uncle, my Aunt Geneva, my husband, 4 kids, and a hell of a lot of fireants that I will share later.
  • Wednesday we finally headed home and left Jayce to stay at Mawmaws and brought Katie home with us. I know some people might think I'm crazy but the trip was much easier having a 13 year old along for the ride.
  • I forgot to set up for Buddy to stay at the Willards so I was able to get him in the kennel which turned out to be best because they found a tumor under his armpit. I okayed for them to remove it and they took out a tumor bigger than a golf ball that luckily was benign. He was pretty pitiful the first few days and Brian was even carrying him up the stairs the first two days. He is much better now and finally stopped limping after the vet removed his dressing on Friday.
  • Thursday Landree finally went back to Summer camp and had a great day and I have to admit, I did take a breathe because it was the first time I had been without her for more than half an hour for over a month.
  • Saturday, we took Katie to San Marcos. The child couldn't even sleep the night before she was so excited. I thought she was going to have a heart attack in Aeropostale. All tops were 50% and I let her go for awhile and then I had to stop her and get her focused. She did great and made good choices on what to get. It was hot and miserable and was over 100 degrees the whole time we were there. We did absolutely nothing last night but recover from shopping.
  • We were supposed to go to Sea World today but it is way too hot and the Beluga Whales had babies and they have shut Viva down which is Katie's Favorite show. So we just went to church and have been lazy. There was a lot of questions about who Katie was and one of the men was wondering if I had been keeping an extra child from them.
  • Brian found out that he moved up on the list and that USAA will be paying for him to run the San Antonio Marathon in November. He has decided to run the half marathon which is 13.1 miles. He is a little nervous but he runs 5-6 miles most mornings so I think he will be okay.
  • I have been working on a complete meltdown about Peyton starting school. I have been working on getting extra pieces to add to her wardrobe to get it ready for school. All of sudden her shorts are booty-shorts because her legs have gotten so long. (How did I get such a skinny, long-legged child) It then dawned on me that I didn't know if she could wear sleeveless shirts and what kind of shoes she could wear and if she had to wear socks all the time- Uniforms would be so much easier. I realized that she would be gone from me all day and have to navigate her day at a place where she will know no one and will probably get scared and nervous and I can't fix it. I know she will be all right but I still worry. My Mawmaw was talking about it and my aunt told her to stop or I might cry. My grandmother told her that was okay- I wouldn't be related to her if I didn't. I sure do love that woman.

So now your all caught up on the basics- didn't that just make your day- hehe. Hope you have a great week.

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btschulze said...

8/22/2008 I'm resigned to posting a comment to your old posts in an effort to see if you're still alive. :-) Or if you've completely lost it over your little girl becoming a kindergartener. Either way, missing you....