Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Goals

Okay so normally I'm not one to do resolutions and certainly not in a public setting. I usually plan on losing weight and that usually doesn't happen or doesn't stick so I'm not doing that one this year. You'll probably find this boring but I'm putting it on here so that in a few months I'll be able to look back and see if I have accomplished any of it. So here we go with this years goals
  • STOP procrastinating. I put everything off to the last minute. I'm then running around like a chicken with my head cut off, staying up late, aggravating my husband, letting other things go while I'm trying to get that project done, and then getting it finished at the last absolute minute where I'm usually not happy with whatever it is with no time to fix it.
  • Embrace being a Homemaker- Ouch I hate that word. I recently read an article titled, "Is the Art of Homemaking Lost?" If I would have read that two years ago before we moved, I would have snorted and said something about what the hell kind of art is it to clean, straighten up, clean faces and butts, and cook. Well now that I'm here I realize it is in an art or a skill that I am sorely lacking. So my goal is to figure out a family/household schedule on how to get all that needs to be accomplished done during the day and not hold it all until right before someone comes over. I think I'm seeing a repeat of that whole procrastination thing again.
  • Organized- Okay so you're seeing a general theme here of needing to get my butt in gear. I have crap all over this house that I have only lived in a year and a half. I saw some show on being organized and it said everything needs to have a place and it dawned on me this is half my problem. The first half, I have too much crap and the second half- not all my crap has a place.
  • No/Yes- I need to tell people outside my house Yes less and No more and tell the people inside my house Yes more and No less.
  • Family/Movie Game night with the girls each week. We are always together but I want to make it more of a tradition so that we continue it.

Okay so that's what I've got for now. What are some of yours? I might need to add them to my list.


HaleyW said...

These are fabulous - and you have me thinking about what my "goals" need to be, too. I am not a resolution person, either. But I am feeling inspired to document some goals and thoughts as I enter the new year. Hugs and I'll see ya' this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am not a resolution person either but love your goals...they are very reasonable and attainable! I too am trying to get organized in 2009 since my life with one child for 5 1/2 years is quickly about to change! I have spent a week cleaning out (and we too have only been here a short time). Wishing I would have had time to do this before our community garage sale. I cannot wait to hear your progress and hope you will share any tips and tricks that you learn along the way. Heather