Monday, January 5, 2009

Thanksgiving 2008

So yes I know how pitiful it is that it is now 2009 and I am just now giving you my Thanksgiving post. I'm going with the better late than never stance.

I'll actually start the week before Thanksgiving. Peyton's class was set to have a big Pow Wow on the Friday before Thanksgiving and we were asked to send in a large white t-shirt. Well the mom that was in charge of transforming these shirts into Indian garb bailed out at the last moment and I stepped in. I then spent 3 VERY LATE nights doing the following, dying 24 shirts in tea, cutting fringe on the sleeves and bottom, and putting pony beads on the fringe. My fingers were not functioning well by the end of it. Luckily two other moms did the painting on the front. I then remembered after I left a meeting at church at 10PM that I still I had to send Landree's Class snack for Thanksgiving so I made these little darlings from Cocoa Krispies and Fruit Loops.
The next night I stayed up again WAAAYYY too late to make this shirt for Silent Auction the next day during the Renaissance Fair.
It was the logo of the new high school, Johnson Jaguars. This week is one of the weeks I decided to make my New Year's Goals of not procrastinating and telling people outside my house No more often.

We finally made it to Friday the day of the big PowWow. I went up that morning and helped Peyton's class move from room to room, making Native American crafts. Later in the day Brian and I went back to help Peyton's class get ready. We got to watch them some on the playground which is always fun. She was Howling Wolf which we felt was completely appropriate for our loud mouth.

Here is was 8 classrooms of Kindergartners look like- 176 kids

They sang 10-12 songs with our favorite being one where the turkey didn't get away and did end up on the table. It was a great day and Peyton had a lot of fun.
I like standing behind one of my kids, you can't see how big my butt is these days.

Mom came down on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and we were so thankful she was here because the next day when Buddy died it was great to have her here to help with the girls. I made my first turkey by myself. I brined and cooked it using Alton Brown's method and I was so proud, I felt I had to take a picture
We also had the Craft Family Sweet Potato Casserole which might as well be dessert, the Pioneer Woman's Garlic Mashed Potato w/roasted garlic- yum, green beans with carrots and garlic- yes we like garlic, and rolls. Then chocolate and apple pie (I cheated and got a Mrs. Smiths). I made Landree her own mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and soy chocolate pie. It's nice to know I can cook an entire full meal by myself. It was a really nice and relaxing day.

Mom and I went to the Friday sales but not too early. There really wasn't much we wanted to get. That weekend we got out all of our Christmas decorations and bless her heart, Landree had broken 4 ornaments in less than hour. Mom also helped me break out my new sewing machine. While we were in Hancocks I found an Abby Cadabby flannel print and mom helped me pick out a pattern to make pj bottoms. As you can see, I had lots of help
Mom had several ornament projects to make with the girls. Peyton had a great time making hers and Landree needed lots of Nana help
We got the snowman out front blown up and the girls decided to do their normal head turn- Those are Landree's new PJ pants, she put them on as soon as I finished them.

Then they got their giggle boxes turned on and you can see Landree practically bursting with energy in this series of pictures. You can always click on a picture to make it bigger.

Here are the girls having survived Thanksgiving


Newspurr said...

Great pictures, Erica! The costumes were wonderful, the turkey looked yummy, and the Christmas snowman and his helpers were a hoot.
I go with the better late than never approach. I'm enjoying catching up with all that is going on with the Crafts in San Antonio.

btschulze said...

I can't get over those little turkey balls... wait, that didn't come out right.

But as usual, your girls are adorable and I have to give you kudos for being able to completely hide yourself behind a kindergartner's body. That says something about weight loss! Catch you later - Becky