Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We are adding to the Family

No don't get too excited. We are starting the process of getting a new dog. Since we lost our Buddy, it has been a little lonely at our house. Poor Landree is still missing him and asks for him daily. On Friday, we are going to meet two dogs in the pug rescue out of Austin. The first one is a Chug- okay not really, she's half pug, half chihuahua. I sent her link to Brian as a joke that Peyton would love her. He responded with we could always get two. She's four months old and they think she will only get 10 pounds. I told him she might not make it in our house with Landree. He thinks she would so we're going to meet her.

The other dog we're going to meet is a 2 1/2 year old Pug named Charlie Chaplin. He was rescued from a puppy mill where he lived in a wire cage. He is so handsome and kind of reminds me of a Baxter (our English Bulldog).

We told the girls about it tonight and of course they are excited. We have explained that they might not be right for our family and we will keep looking if they don't work out and that Brian and I make the decision not them. Yeah right, they also know we can be suckers too. So we're driving up to Austin Friday afternoon and then we'll come home and make our decision.

Oh and Momma, if you're reading this from Wisconsin, Melanie got a Great Dane Puppy. Yeah, I'm being 8 again and ratting her out. I told her she should name it Horse because that is what's she's going to be feeding.


Anonymous said...

OMG they are adorable! I cannot wait to hear how Friday goes!

Newspurr said...

We have a Pug around our house. He thinks he is hot stuff (he is), and he is spoiled rotten. Our Pug sleeps on his back. It is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I'm eager to hear how the "interview" with the dogs goes.