Sunday, November 25, 2007

Did you know a Turkey can Tango?

At Peyton's Thanksgiving Feast I learned that a Turkey can Tango. Peyton's class did the Turkey Tango and the Turkey Pokey, You put your left wing in and shake it all about, you do the Turkey Pokey and you turn yourself around that's what its all about- Gobble, Gobble. Both of these songs are now permanently stuck in my head.

This is a little clip of her performance. Their main teacher was out of town and I think they were a little nervous. Their teacher's assistant had to step in and help them. The ending is my favorite.

Here is my little Pilgrim.

After their performance they had their Thanksgiving Feast. This is Peyton and her friend Jaden.
Their centerpieces were Apple Turkeys they made and their teacher made turkeys out of Oreos and candy.

She is a two fisted eater.

She had a great time and then they played outside.

Surely no one expected her to pose normal did they?

She kept losing her sunglasses and would holler for her friend Lily to bring them to her. Lily would stop what she was doing and run over to give her glasses to her. Her teenage years will be interesting.

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