Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend Wrapup

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went to church and Brian was baptized. It was really nice and we all went up to the font together. Landree started hollering for a snack about half way through and kept losing a shoe. Pastor Barz let Peyton hold the lit baptismal candle which of course Landree wanted. After the baptism, Pastor Barz announced that he was including a song about Baptism that was not normally part of the service but that our daughter Peyton sings this song at Preschool and he thought she would enjoy it. So he played guitar while we sang the song. Peyton was beaming and sang every word. Afterwards we took pictures (I forgot our camera so Mr. Fitz who works at the church took pictures for us and I'll post them as soon as he gets them to me). We went to our friends, The McDonalds who are from Little Rock and ate lunch with their family. We were lazy all day and had a great time. Landree passed out before we even got out of their neighborhood and we put her to bed as soon as we got home.
Brian stayed home with the girls while I went shopping. I started at Target and made it to Office Max, Walgreens, Best Buy, and the post office and was home at 8:30. It was so not the same without my sister or mother in law. Brian was getting Landree out of her bed when I got there. She was very upset and shaking. We think she may have been dehydrated, she drank 2 cups of water the first 15 minutes she was awake. She stayed in Brian's lap most of the day and even took a nap on him. You know that so hurt his feelings. We suffered through the LSU game and Brian was cranky the rest of the day. We cleaned some on Saturday and caught up on some of our DVR shows.
Today we went to early church and came home and finished our cleaning and worked on laundry. It is amazing how messy a house can get when you don't clean for 3-4 days. We then started working on our Christmas decorations. Peyton helped me with the ornaments. Landree helped herself to the ones she liked and keeps taking them off the tree. I'm wondering if she is doing it just to annoy her sister. I put out my Little People Christmas sets. One is the nativity scene and I have two Christmas villages. The girls love them and it was very exciting when Peyton saw baby Jesus in isolation and immediately knew who it was. Landree has been walking around carrying baby Jesus and Joseph and kissing them. I am so glad I got them on clearance last year. Yes Grandma, we put together the Advent tree and Peyton is anxiously waiting for the first to get here.
Peyton is excited that it is her snack week at school. She is supposed to have a cardiology appointment this week depending on whether they have her holter monitor results. Landree has an allergist appointment this week also. I am anxious to get her new testing results. I think we are going to get Landree's first haircut on Saturday. Her hair is so scraggly. Peyton oh so spoiled me with her head full of hair. We are supposed to go to the USAA kid's Christmas Party and the ladies and I are going to go shopping for clothes for the adult Christmas party for the next weekend. I can't seem to get a good picture for my Christmas card. Oh the holiday whirlwind has started.

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