Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's all about the Pooo

Why do most of my craziest days as a mom seem to be about pooo. So Landree woke up from her nap with diarrhea, okay this can be a reaction to the mm or it could be a bug. No problems for the rest of the night so no big deal- until 3:00AM. She woke up screaming and of course the smell hit me as soon I opened the door. I tried to change her and she was covered in diarrhea. She was screaming because it hurt and she wouldn't let me clean her up. So at 3:00 in the morning she was getting a bath and at 3:30 she was ready to play. She finally got sleepy at about 6 that morning. Luckily Peyton slept until about 8 so we got some sleep. No rest for the weary, I had to start my Thanksgiving cooking. Peyton and Landree were running around like banshees and then I heard, "Mama, Landree pulled her diaper off." Next thing I heard, "Mama, Landree pooped on the floor," and yes there was a big spot of diarrhea on the carpet behind my chair. She had hidden to go so she knew what she was doing was wrong. I then chased Landree down, I hadn't used my nice Mommy voice so both girls were crying. When I caught Landree I noticed she had red spots all over her bottom and back where the diaper was touching her. So she is allergic to the Huggies Pullups I bought at Target probably while she was eating the mm. Then the alarm starts beeping like a door has opened so of course my naked daughter goes running to the front door hollering for her Daddy. The alarm keeps beeping so then Buddy goes beserk and Landree starts crying for Brian and then my timer for the oven and for the stove top both go off at the same time. Calgon take me away. It seems like most mini-disasters revolve around one of my daughters pooo.

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