Sunday, November 25, 2007

Landree's latest food allergy escapade

On Tuesday I ran by Target to get a few things before Thanksgiving and we found shoes that Landree and Peyton loved but they only had Landree's size. So on the way home we ran into another Target (I have 4 within 10 miles of us) to see if they had her size- they didn't. Of course we found a few other things we needed and went to check out and then I saw red on Landree's face. She had a peanut M-M in her mouth but hadn't gotten through the shell yet. Of all the kids to find a loose one- it would be my Wild Child and unlike her sister she would never think to ask before she put it in her mouth. I got her to the car and dosed her up with benadryl. I do love those new perfect measure dosers. We got home and I let Peyton sleep with her to watch her for me. Who knew trying to buy a pair of shoes would end so crazy.

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