Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Days

On Sunday we were recovered from the party and went to early church. We then did some clothes and shoe shopping. Peyton and Landree got new tennis shoes and we weren't able to find soccer cleats in Peyton's size. Brian did get new ankle braces, a knee brace, and high tops for basketball season. I had to go bra shopping and Peyton is very upset that she is not getting to wear bras like her cousin Maddie- Thanks Aunt Cat. She was so pitiful and told her when she gets to be a big girl she can wear a bra. She asked me if she had to wait until she was a big girl like Maddie (who is only 3 months older) and I told her no- a big girl like Katie. She didn't like that answer and then took it up with Brian who as you can imagine shut her down quickly. Brian bought a pair of jeans in SIZE 36 and an XL polo! Whoohooo! He is dropping weight so quickly and I told him that when I met him I considered him a big guy- not a fat guy- but just a big guy. I no longer consider him a big guy and he says he hasn't been this small since he was in high school. My daddy always told me to marry a fat boy because they were warm in the summer and shady in the summer- I guess I better buy an extra blanket and an umbrella. We went to New Balance to get new tennis shoes for him and he has even lost weight in his feet. He is running 6 days a week so we bought him two pairs of running shoes- one for home and one for work.

Landree is the diaper bandit. She does not like wearing them and wants to run around with a shirt on and bare naked from the waist down. She is currently taking a nap with packing tape around her diaper- not on her skin. I'll let you know how it goes. She is talking so much right now. I can't get over how much she is saying. She still loves bottles and scared Brian on Tuesday when he found her playing in Campho-Phenique.

Three happys- Next Thursday, I am getting a water softner- yeah! I am so sick of spots on my dishes and hard water stains in the shower. Happy #2- On October 6th, I am going with my mom, sister, and aunt on a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas! My mom is turning 60 during that week and Melanie and I couldn't figure out what to do to celebrate. We found a cheap cruise and Auntie Lila wanted to join us. Almost two years later, Melanie and I still haven't got the social security money that was owed to Daddy and in turn to us. We should be getting it soon. This money will pay for the majority of our cruise and I think that Daddy would completely approve especially since his favorite sister in law is going. Happy #3- Brian and I are leaving on June 1st to go on a 7-Day cruise in the Caribbean! This summer is our 10 year anniversary and we are so excited to go on our first adult only BIG trip. Okay that means I have to be in a bathing suit and ready to go on physical excursions. So I am setting the goal of losing 20 pounds in 12 weeks and being more physically fit. This could be pushing it. I have been stalled out on losing weight and I hope this is the boost I need to get it back together. I started back on the treadmill this morning and I have charts to help organize myself- you know I like a chart. I won't tell you what I weigh but I will keep updating on Tuesday nights on how I am doing.

Well we are taking Buddy to the new Vet today because of his funky eye. The vet is consider really great and is the Dog dude on one of the local tv stations and he's just around the corner. I'm hopeful but any Vet has big shoes to fill after Dr. Mehaffey. That woman made house calls when Baxter was sick because she didn't want to stress him in his final days. I'll let you know how it goes. Peyton is worried that they may have to take his eye out and keep him there. Who knows were she got that from?

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