Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We're still Kicking

Okay so it has been over a week since my last post. We've been busy here. We had our big Superbowl party on Sunday so I spent most of last week getting ready for the party and most of this week recovering and working on our taxes (I still want to know how the Brian who majored in Math and minored in Finance and works at a bank, doesn't do our taxes). I am definately my mother's daughter and like to start projects without really determining if I have the time to finish them. I knew I needed to get my house clean and food cooked for our party but I couldn't just leave it at that. No I had to start a few projects this past week. We had five boxes left from our move- yes I know I moved 9 months ago- and I felt the need to go through all of those and get them put away. I went through and organized the girls and our closets which created a ton of laundry that I needed to do before I packed them away. I then decided that the curtains that I have had bought since the fall needed to be put up. We did get almost everything done and had a great time. We had a ton of food and a lot of people here. I did find myself tear up a little after everyone had gone. We have lived here only 9 months and it was really great to have so many friends here to enjoy.

Since my last post, Landree has been up to a lot of mischief and has attempted to empty five bottles. She tried to clean the toilet, rug, and herself with a bottle of shampoo, she attempted to freshen the air in the kitchen with a bottle of lysol, she thought she needed a soap bath during the superbowl and of course after a bath you would need to dig in one of our guest's purses to find a bottle of lotion to cover yourself with, and finally she felt the need to wash the bathroom floor with shampoo. Good news- she did make it through an entire church service on Sunday. Bad news- she acted like a wild banshee during Ash Wednesday service today.

One of Peyton's friends from school had a Valentine's Tea Party on Friday. The girls had a great time. They decorated cookies, painted and played. Here are a few pictures from the party.

Peyton was a little obsessed over Groundhog day. She made a little groundhog puppet at school and asked me everyday if the groundhog had seen his shadow or not. Well she was upset when I finally told her that he had seen his shadow. I guess they had made predictions at school and she didn't think he was going to see it. By Monday I had decided Ol' Phil just hadn't gotten his nap out. When the weatherman uses the word Sultry to describe a day in the first week of February, either Ol' Phil has lied or you've moved to the wrong place. We got in the car Monday afternoon and Peyton announced she stunk. A few minutes later she told me she was sweaty and that must be why she smelled so bad. By the time I picked her up from school today the ashes had worn off her forehead and she was not impressed. She asked me to rub foreheads with her so we could share ashes.

Haley, Leigh and I are going to the Women of Faith conference this weekend. It starts tomorrow night and runs through Saturday afternoon. Friday night we are staying at a hotel close to the the Alamodome. I am very excited to go but I do have a lot of things to do before I leave. The girls are going to Kidz-Kare on Friday so I have to get all their food together before I go. One of the moms from Peyton's class is going to pick her up for school Friday afternoon so that she doesn't miss Pajama Day. It will be the first time Brian has taken care of both girls by himself without any help. I know the girls will have a great time with him. Saturday evening we will just trade kids because he will have to work Saturday night. Here is a sweet picture of my girls:

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