Sunday, February 10, 2008

My weekend

Well the children survived, the house was still standing, and the world kept turning without me home for two days. Meanwhile, I had one of the best few days ever. Those ladies that have been to Women of Faith, know exactly what I am talking about. Those of you who have not been should sign up immediately. We spent Thursday night, all day and night Friday, and Saturday laughing, crying, singing, and experiencing our faith in a whole new way. I know anyone who knows me is not in the least bit surprised that I went through many kleenexes while we were there- I only went into the ugly cry once. They had their normal speaker team there and then had Jim Caviezel- Jesus from Passion of the Christ, Max Lucado, Sherri Sheperd, Squire Rushnell and Louise Deart and we were serenaded by Mark Schultz- an unbelievable songwriter who brought many tears to our eyes, Michael W Smith- I don't think anyone has done more for Christian Music than he has, and Mandisa- a voice that was 10 times better than we heard when she was on American Idol and surely the angels even stop to listen when she sings. Anita Renfroe is one of the funniest moms around. If you haven't seen her Momsense here is a link to the clip- I have seen Sheri Sheperd on the View but had no idea how great she is. She is hilarious and so down to earth. We stayed at a hilarious Holiday Inn. It was the LaTropicana. It cracked us up when we saw an big silver Airstream was part of the landscaping. Haley has the pictures and will be posting whenever she recovers We got the urge to snack at almost midnight and we couldn't find a single vending machine that would take our money and give us a Diet Dr. Pepper. Maybe it was the Weight Watcher's spirit trying to tell us we had no business eating at that time of night. I haven't had so much fun in a hotel since I was in a Sorority.

The last main speaker on Saturday was Luci Swindoll and her ending quote was from a friend who said that she loved God because you never knew when he was going to surprise you out of your socks. I then realized that he had surprised me out of my socks- okay it was 85 degrees and I wasn't wearing any but you got the idea. This week two years ago, I was in Little Rock at a hospital praying that God would heal my baby in the hospital bed and protect the one I was carrying, one year ago I was praying to God for guidance in our decision to move to San Antonio and this year I was sitting at a Women of Faith conference with two women that are so completely different from me but together- we work. I thank God for bringing the two of them and their children into my families life. Who would have guessed? Needless to say I came home exhausted and refreshed. They really should have these every 4-6 months here just so I can get refueled.

We are having trouble with Peyton and her constant whining and crying when she she doesn't get her way. So last night after one of these big fits, I put her in the bed and she and I talked a long time about how she can not always get everything she wants and that she has to trust us that we know what is best for her and when we prayed, I asked God to help her in that area. She wanted me to read her bible to her and I did some and she didn't really get it. I told her that the bible was written in grown up words and that we need to get her a kid's bible. She asked if she could ask Nana to buy her one for her birthday. Of course Nana has already been to the bookstore and found one before lunch today. Who could deny a request for a bible let alone a grandparent?

Landree is cutting another molar and she was very fussy tonight. At bedtime, she always gets in Peyton's bed and listens to the story and goes willingly to bed. Well she threw a fit tonight and Brian had to take her to bed screaming. I told Peyton it was time for us to pray and she told me we she should see if Daddy wanted to pray with us and that we should pray for Landree. So Brian came in and she asked him if he wanted to pray with us. She told him we all should hold hands and here was her prayer word for word:

Dear God,
Please help my baby sister feel better in the morning because I have school tomorrow and we don’t want her fussing around school and where everyone can hear her. Please God put your spirit in her so that she will feel better Amen.

Have you ever heard a better prayer?

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