Friday, February 29, 2008

Peyton Finding Religion

Tuesday night, Peyton started in that she wanted a baby brother. She then decided she wanted twin brothers. I kept telling her that if we had another baby that God might give us another sister. She didn't understand that if she asked for a brother that God might not give her one. She then told me that I needed to tell God that she wanted a baby brother. I told her that I wasn't doing it and that she could talk to God all by herself. I then went to get the phone to call Melanie and Peyton asked, "Moma, do you have God's Cell Phone number." Now I am sure that I asked my mother many questions but I can say with certainty that is not one I asked.

Since the Women of Faith Conference, I have been listening to a Mark Schultz CD I got there after we saw him preform. One of the songs is her favorite and she dances in her carseat the whole time it is on. She also loves the one after it and it has the phrase, "One Life, One Love, One Way Home," in it. She has been singing along for a couple of weeks now. Today she told me that the song was wrong because we have two ways to our home. I then had to explain to her that when he said Home, he meant Heaven.

Tonight we went to church for the Welcome to the Family dinner. On the way home, Peyton asked if we said prayer before we ate. We told her that we did and she wanted to know what we said. We tried to explain to her that Pastor Barz said the prayer and that it wasn't one of the set ones like she says in school. She then fussed at us because we didn't remember the prayer. Brian tried to explain to her that its not a "canned" prayer like she does in pre-K and that Pastor Barz made it up- she wasn't having it. Finally I just told her to ask Pastor Barz about it tomorrow morning. I've handled the other religious questions this week- I'll let the professional explain this one to her.

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