Friday, February 29, 2008

He kept his eye

Well Buddy got to keep his eye. The vet just thinks it is allergic conjunctivitis and gave us drops. However, the heart murmur he was found with last year has gotten much worse. The vet started talking about a timeline if we don't treat it because he is a senior. I know he is almost 9 years old but he doesn't seem like a senior to me. He told me that we would start to see his energy decrease- which we have. So we need to take him to get an ultrasound of his heart to see if it is the mitrovalve prolapse that the vet thinks it is. If that's the case then supposedly we are looking at a pretty cheap medicine as treatment and that should add a few years to his life. It is odd to think of him having only a few years left. Melanie said we should go ahead and get a bulldog puppy so we can have an easy transition for the girls- like I need another hole in my head.

PACKING TAPE WORKS- for now at least. I have made it through a nap and bedtime without Landree taking a diaper off. She hates it and when I walked into her room this morning she started in- Tape OFF, Tape OFF! So we have a temporary solution for the diaper bandit.

We are becoming official members of the church this weekend. They are hosting a Welcome to the family weekend. Tonight they are having a dinner and tomorrow morning breakfast and we will go over everything about the church and we are being assigned an elder who we will eat dinner with tonight. On Sunday, they have the welcome reception at church and since it is Lutheran Schools week, the preschool is singing during the service. We might go to Sea World this weekend. They have a special thing for opening weekend so we are thinking about going out there tomorrow after church.

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