Wednesday, February 20, 2008

She's TWO

I can't believe that she is now two. My heart is not ready for all of this. She had 3 banana-chocolate muffins for breakfast. Peyton couldn't wait to give Landree her present. Of course Landree had to put it on immediately.

We went to dance class and then came home to get Peyton ready for Rodeo day. There is nothing for me to say, the pictures speak for themselves.

Grandma and Papaw sent her birthday gifts to her- A dress me up Elmo and an Elmo phone. She didn't appreciate it when Peyton wanted the phone

She also loved the box they were sent in and used it as a bed for herself and Elmo.

I love the back of her shirt- Abby Cadabby Fairy Wings

At the end of the night, Peyton and Landree used wipies and put Elmo to bed. Landree kept saying, "Elmo- nite-nite" and "Elmo- Bed."

We are getting the carpet cleaned tomorrow and Landree has her two year check-up so it should be another interesting day. It's 9:20 and Landree just started crying- it might be an interesting night too.

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Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Landree!!! Erica, one day soon I will have to head down there to visit Haley and meet you too!! I really enjoy your updates on the girls. I feel like I know your family. :)