Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We're still alive I promise

Okay we have survived the second round of strep throat with no one else getting it yet. Landree has been whiney and cranky the last two days and Brian is taking Benadryl at night so keep your fingers crossed. I still have pictures and a video to put up but haven't gotten to it. Just bare with me. I have decided to become Betty Crocker in my free time. I spent part of Sunday and Monday piping colored chocolate to make butterflies and Abby Cadabby. Today I have made 4 different cake batters and baked them, two batches of frosting, and banana chocolate chip muffins. I am on still on Weight Watchers, I promise. I even hit my 10% goal tonight (Brian hit 65 lbs tonight). Anyway, I made chocolate and yellow cakes for Landree and chocolate and yellow cakes for the rest of us. I am going all out in decorating cakes- at least that is the plan since piping chocolate was the first piping I have ever done in my life. Let's see how everything looks on Saturday.

Tomorrow is my babies birthday. I can't believe she is going to be two- no more discussing her age in months. I told Peyton that Landree wasn't going to be a baby anymore. Peyton told me that Landree would always be my baby and that now she was going to be a toggeler. I even corrected her and said toddler but she is sticking to toggeler. Of course, I love it because Peyton so rarely misprounces words.

Peyton has decided she wants a pet of her own. She called Aunt Melanie and told her she wanted a kitty, hamster or a guinea pig. My wonderful sister responded with, "I talk to your mom about it." Whooohooo. I think that is the first time she hasn't automatically told Peyton she would buy her whatever she asked for- probably the reason she wanted to call Aunt Melanie. She put the screws on her Daddy this evening. Brian told her about having to clean up poop and pee and she started having second thoughts. She then announced that we would need to buy her gloves so she could clean it up. Brian told her no and then she asked for a puppy in which Brian gave me a look. I returned the look with the, Not no- but hell no. I am the one who takes care of the animals around here and I'm not house-breaking a puppy.

Speaking of house-breaking- anybody want to take my almost 2 year old and potty train her. She has decided she likes fresh air on her butt and takes her diaper off whenever she feels like it- whether it is dry, wet, or muddy. All of this would be great if she was ready to potty-train- but she's not. I think that is by far the cutest hiney I have ever seen but my gosh I am sick of the sense of dread that comes into my stomach when I see it and wonder what mess she has left with it. Today I put a pair of Peyton's panties on over the diaper and when I got her up after nap she didn't have her pants on but still had her diaper and panties on. Maybe I have found a temporary solution.

Tomorrow the girls will have their Banana Muffins for a birthday breakfast where Peyton is insisting Landree will open the Abby Cadabby shirt she bought her for her Birthday (parent-financed), Peyton's dance class, Peyton's school and it is Rodeo day- R-week, haircuts for the Queen and Princesses of the house as Peyton puts it starting at 4:30 and hopefully Daddy will get there before mine starts so he can take the princesses home, and then Landree's Birthday supper and she has requested peessa (pizza).

If you talk to me tomorrow- be gentle. My baby is turning 2 and I just found out that my almost 5 year old is going to have Kindergarten Roundup on March 31st at her new school and will even get to go into a Kindergarten class. Oh I just don't know if I can take it all.

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