Monday, April 7, 2008

Birthday Weekend/Easter- 3/21-3/23

Here is one of my updates I promised.
On the Friday before Peyton's Birthday, we went to see Disney on Ice- High School Musical. Mom had made it into town so she went with us, Haley had to work so Marcus' Grandmother accompanied Abby and Kacy, and Leigh and Britney also went. We had the standard arena food for lunch and some of the girls picked out souvenirs. We had really great seats and were so close to the ice that I was upset I had forgotten jackets. Peyton was in awe. I knew that she could sing along to the movies but people she knew every word to every single song. Leigh and I cracked up at her. It was a great show and well worth the money.

That night we took mom to Alamo Cafe and then waited for Melanie and her crew to get there. She was worried that she wouldn't see the girls so I told her that I would keep Landree up but that she had to deal with her on Saturday when she was a grump. I had thought I had convinced Peyton to just have plain cupcakes that the kids could decorate for her party. Friday afternoon she asked me when I was going to start on her cake. I asked her what cake and she told me that she thought I was going to make her an artist palette cake like I made Landree's cakes. Well crap, so guess who started making cakes at 9 o'clock at night. Melanie and I stayed up a little too late that night and we were scrambling to get everything ready the next morning.

Her party was at a local pottery place and it was great. The kids ate pizza first, we then put smocks on them and they started painting their tiles. It was hilarious to watch them because some were just real loosey-goosey painting them, others were very exact and knew what they wanted to do, and there were others whose moms should have put their name on them because they are the ones who painted them.
Landree was a nightmare so Aunt Melanie walked around with her and kept her entertained. After painting the tiles, each child got a cupcake with plain white frosting. The kids then decorated them with squeeze icing and sprinkles.
This has to be one of my favorite pictures of Peyton. I love how excited a kid gets over a cupcake. We then opened presents and of course Peyton was thrilled with her loot.

Another great shot by Haley. I've decided she is officially signed up pictures for all my kids birthday parties
We headed home and put Landree to bed. The guys played Wii, Melanie and Momma went shopping and Emily and I took Peyton to a birthday party. I would have much rather sat my big butt at home and took a nap but it wasn't in the cards. We saw most of the same kids and there were ponies for the kids to ride.
Peyton had fun and I had a great time with Emily, especially the horse pooped with Peyton riding and she had no clue. I so love that my nieces are getting older. We headed back home and I made homemade guacamole and Brian made fajitas. They were sooooo good. We forced the kids to bed so that we could put out Easter Baskets. I seem to do this every year. I collect things for Easter Baskets and hide them through out the house and then I get them together and realize I have way to much crap. This year was no exception.

I got up early the next morning because I had to make chocolate chip pancakes for Peyton because I had made something special for Landree's birthday and of course Peyton remembers everything. I blocked off the stairs so everyone could come down at once. Here is a pic of Peyton running to Melanie who is wishing her a Happy Birthday.
I could have just given Landree the Elmo Bunny eggs because she walked around here shaking those and Melanie had to show her how to dig in an Easter Basket.
It was pretty much like Christmas around here since it was her birthday and Easter. We actually got everyone to church on time and quickly decided that Landree needed to go to the nursery. When Brian brought her back for communion, we realized that she had a hive on her head and it was spreading. So we sat in church and gave her benadryl. She then started sticking her tongue out coughing and Brian and I got scared. So as soon as Pastor gave the benediction, Brian took her outside and I started thinking about giving the epi-pen for the first time and mapping a route to the ER. She ended up being okay and we came home and had a great Easter dinner of Mayan Chicken Burgers and Guacamole and Chips. Melanie and her crew left and then Mom and Brian dug up some plants that we didn't want in our landscaping and she was going to take them home. Of course the girls felt she needed help. Mom put Landree down for her nap and then headed out. We sat down to watch her new movie and I think Brian and I passed out after 5 minutes. We went to bed early that night and then got ready for Grandma and Papaw to come.

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