Monday, April 28, 2008

Just a Little Ray of Sunshine

Peyton and Landree were watching SuperWhy on PBS this morning when a PSA came on about how moms work so hard and give 100% to their kids. Little Miss Sunshine looked over at me and said, "You don't do that." I asked her what she was talking about and she replied, "You don't give your kids 100%." I thought about asking her if she even knew what 100% was or why she thought that but I decided to just leave it and say, "OK Peyton." This afternoon I said something to Peyton about taking my camera to Daddy's Basketball game. She said, "I don't think you should do that, somebody might see the pictures and think he was a pro and he's not." Well isn't she just a little ray of sunshine today. Nothing like having a five year old put you in your place.

This weekend was pretty nice for us. On Friday, I took all my girls (Kacy and Abby too) to see Horton Hears a Hoo. I had hotdogs in my bag for Landree along with microwave dairy-free popcorn in a ziploc and juice boxes. Peyton did get a kids popcorn meal and everybody was happy and allergy safe. I also took Landree's tabby blanket and everybody made it through the movie without one potty trip. I had worked out in my mind all the different situations on how I would make potty trips by myself with 4 kids. Landree is now obsessed with wanting to go to the movies and even laid out Sunday morning when we told her we weren't going to the movies, we were going to church. I also had one of those lovely moments that you remember for a long time. I was standing at the concession stand in line when I realized something didn't feel right. Sure enough, I had a huge tear in the seat of my pants. The good Lord only knows who all saw my behind that day. I have no clue how long it was like that but I know it didn't just happen while I was standing in line. I was slightly embarassed to say the least but then it changed over to mourning when I realized that these were my favorite denim capris that I have had for years and wore all the time. I got over it because that just means one more pair I get to buy before my cruise.

Friday night, we had a quiet night at home with just the four of us which we haven't done in a week and I made homemade lasagna- YUM. Peyton said she was in love with it- you know it must be good if picky said that. I made Landree an alternative lasagna with Tofutti Mozzarella and she had finished the first serving before I even got to the table. Peyton had a game Saturday and is still frustrating her Daddy. She is not completely focused on the ball 100% of the game and for her athletically incline Father it's a STRUGGLE. Saturday night I went to a crop with Haley and a girl from her neighborhood, Heather who moved here from Maumelle. Haley and I were the only ones doing digital scrapbooking and Haley got a lot of attention. It was from 6-midnight and it was nice to just be somewhere with adults and no kids- even though I spent all my time working with pics of my kids. Sunday was confirmation Sunday at Church so it was packed and of course my girls were not well behaved. I have never had Peyton act out in church at all but she was wired up Sunday for some reason. A few well placed pinches were delivered and I prayed for Patience and kept repeating, "She's a child of God, She's a child of God."
Tonight we went to Brian's Basketball which they didn't win but it was sure fun to watch Brian running up and down that court. He is soooo much faster than he ever was before.
The rest of the week is pretty normal, we have Weight Watchers tomorrow night and if I haven't lost this week, I might get a little bit ugly. I then have to order swimsuits for our cruise- YUCK. Here is one of the excursions we have booked, we are so excited.
I need to make sure I have my motion sickness patches before we go.

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