Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Have you ever noticed that you have different levels of cleanliness depending on the audience? Okay so maybe its just me but I have a feeling most of you know what I'm talking about.

  • There is the somebody famous is coming to my house and I have to completely redo the whole place and get a professional crew in here type of cleanliness.- Never experienced that one before but getting my first house ready to sell was as close as I think I'm ever going to get.
  • Then there is the "I'm going to have people I don't know to my house and I want them to think of me as a clean person and not the slob I am deep down" level of cleanliness
  • Next is "One of our Parents are coming to visit or Acquaintances" level- Okay so this one really should move down the list the older I become. I used to be really worried about when one of our parents came to visit. My mom- I really wanted her to think that I was paying attention all those years and knew how to keep a clean house and wanted her to be proud of me. Who was I trying to kid- she was the one who saw my room all those years and knows deep down that I "know" how to keep a clean house- I just "choose" not too. I used to be really worried when my In-laws came to visit. I didn't want them to think that their son was married to a complete failure of a wife. That too started to go away as the years have gone on- I think more after Peyton was born and I figured out that as long as unknown things weren't growing that could possibly going to hurt their grandchild they were okay. Just pass them a grandkid when they walk through the door and they probably don't even notice the surroundings for the first hour or so. The younger and cuter the kid- the more time before they notice
  • Now we come to the "True Friends and Siblings" level- As long as there is a path through your house and nothing is going to attack them besides kids and a dog and you plan to feed them- you don't have to do much- hey chances are their house looks about the same
  • Lastly "Good Lord- Surely that isn't someone knocking on our door because even I cringe when I look at my house" Level- This one is where you and your husband are just cranky because it is so bad and when you're both working- neither one of you feels like cleaning it and you just ignore it and when one of you isn't working (ME) the other one just gives you those silent but deadly looks, sighs a lot, and mutters under his breath

Well not that we have established the levels, lets look at my house. Everyone knew I had the SAHM open house last Thursday and I will be honest my house was pretty much at the bottom level. I have been in a slump and couldn't seem to get myself in gear. The last time my house was truly clean was Superbowl Sunday and yes people I know that was months ago. My family and Brian's family had visited and it may have been some of the messiest my house had been. So I start working through my house and realized at Midnight on Wednesday night that Good Lord my house had been nasty. I stayed up to a ridiculously late time to get it to a decent level- it looked pretty good but no-one dare go in a closet or open up a cabinet.

We had our gathering and didn't have a big turnout which was okay with me because one of the ladies that came has a daughter starting K in the fall with Peyton and the girls played and she sat around and we talked for an extra two hours. So that was really great.

After I got the girls down for a nap I finally opened up my new camera and played for awhile. Everyone who knows my camera habits know I take WAAAAY too many pictures because I just love a digital camera. Well having a much quicker shutter speed is not helping that problem. I need to get very familiar and intimate with the delete button. Later I'll post some pics and more details on our weekend.

Just for those curious- by Saturday, our house was somewhere between acquaintances and good friends. The Willards came by to pick up Abby who had spent the night and I have to say I was a little uncomfortable when I looked around at my house. Isn't it sad how you don't always notice the condition of things until someone else is about to come through your front door?


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Cat said...

I hear ya Sista!!!! Someone from the church Madeline and I visited came by Sunday just as Maddie and I had peeled off Sunday clothes. We were both in sit on the couch and have a lazy day mode and dress when the woman just showed up. Needless to say it was to late at that point to do anything. Luckily I did have time to put on a bra... House Cleaning is pretty much at the bottom of my list these days as well. You're not alone.