Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh My Aching Butt

This is a favorite phrase of my beloved sister Melanie. Anytime someone is stressing her out or complaining about something she says, "Oh My Aching Butt." I happen to love this phrase but with two small children I can't really utilize the phrase to it's fullest. Well now I have found a new use for it at my house. Everybody knows Brian is losing weight and he is 0.2 pounds away from his goal weight and has lost almost 85 pounds. We have gone through a few times where he has become utterly obsessed about his weight loss (just ask Haley) and has driven me a little batty. However nothing compares like the newest complaint- His butt hurts. His skinny ass (thanks Jessica) has lost so much weight that he doesn't have enough cushion on his butt and if he sits too long it hurts. He was moaning and complaining the other night about sitting in meetings and his butt hurting and then he was complaining about not being able to sit through a movie without his butt hurting. So, Melanie in your honor I looked at him and said, "Oh My Aching Butt." Now I need to go finish getting ready and wrangle two kids into dresses and bows and go to church where I am sure I will hear about his aching butt after he sits through church and the voter's meeting afterwards. Maybe I should pray for patience.

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