Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Nuts!

So it dawned on me a few weeks ago that Landree is old enough to start learning about her allergies. Peyton quickly caught on and is working with Landree too. We tell her no eggs, no nuts, and no cow's milk- only Landree milk. In Landree language, Allergy is Allgergee. Not sure it's getting us anywhere but it's a start. Last Tuesday, I picked up Kacy from clubs after school and she came home with us. Peyton and Landree were so excited and driving me crazy. I said, "You guys are going to drive me nuts." Which caused Landree to start hollering, "No Nuts, No Nuts." Not that she has a clue what a nut is but hey you gotta start somewhere.

Last night we went to Weight Watchers and then we went to the Willard house to pick up the girls. They all were outside playing when we got there and were not happy that we were making them come home. Brian was on one side of the suburban buckling Landree in and I was on the other letting Peyton in and Landree saw that I had her Carebear. She starts getting all excited and hollering, "Momma, Catch it me, catch it me." It took us a minute and then I asked her if she wanted me to throw it to her and she started hooting- "Catch, it me, catch it me." So she learned how to play catch at the Willard house last night- terminology a little wrong but she got the idea.

UPS says my new camera is out for delivery- yeah!

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