Monday, April 7, 2008

Landree Drama

So I feel like I should start having numbered Landree Drama posts. Tuesday morning Peyton mentioned that Landree had a spot on her leg. Well I was in the middle of something else so I didn't pay attention to it until later. Well she had a lump on the inside of her thigh. I called Brian and he immediately became worried that it was a spider bite and kept calling to check every few hours. Dr. Aunt Melanie said it might be a boil. I gave her benadryl and put hydrocortizone on it and neither helped. If you pushed on it, she would scream. So Wednesday morning it was hot to the touch and I made her an appointment. By the time we got to the appointment that afternoon she was walking like a bull-rider and had developed a fever.

Her pediatrician looked at it and said that she was sure it was a staph infection and pretty sure that it was MRSA. Well I guess the look on my face said it all and she quickly told me that there was only a problem with about 10-15% of those with MRSA and we were catching it early and Landree was really healthy. She needed to culture it and so that meant opening it up. All of you moms out there know the shiver of fear that went down my back. I would rather wrestle a bear than try to hold down a strong ornery two year old. Squeezing it didn't work so she had to pop it with a needle. It was nasty and gross and now I had a really pissed off 2 year old on my hands. They brought her a blue popsicle to match her blue shirt so it wouldn't stain as bad (I love being at an office of all women) and the doctor said that she really wanted to hit it with a really strong antibiotic. I asked her if it had milk in it and her response was that it couldn't because God wouldn't do that to us because we really needed to use this particular antibiotic. So she called the pharmacist and we were cleared. Just for those who are curious- 20% of all drugs have milk in them.

I got home and watched the day befores Dr. Phil which was on MRSA and surfed the internet on MRSA and got myself a little worked up. Brian was not worked up- he was just down right scared. When the day started it looked like you had cut a golf ball in half and put on her thigh- by the end of the day it looked like you had taken a baseball and put on her thigh. So needless to say there a few tears on my part on a lot of prayers from everyone- including her big sister. We decided to just tell our family and close friends it was possibly MRSA- I didn't want my children shunned due to media hype about a superbug.

On Thursday her leg looked much better but everytime I got near her to change a diaper- she would holler, "No touch it- my bobo." She was very cranky all day. Her doctor called that night to check on her. We were very impressed that she called but it did scare us a little more that she called us at 8:30 at night to check on her.

Friday she looked great and there was still a lump there. Her doctor tried to squeeze it some but it didn't do anything. So she told me to have her soak in a warm bath and then have Brian try to pop it to get the rest of the stuff out of it and she gave us a prescription for an antibiotic cream to use on it. Well she soaked and Brian worked on it and vowed he was never going to do it again and I think the child could do anything and get away with it because Brian felt so guilty.

She is running around like her normal banshee self and only has a slight discoloration on her thigh at this point. We did get a positive staph culture back and are still waiting for the MRSA test. The antibiotic smells dreadful and we have two big bottles she has to take so we are being very religious about giving it to her. I started the week worried about my 5 year old growing up and I guess Landree put it all in perspective. I laugh because I remember when she was a baby- she was so quiet and you would just forget about her. I told Momma that I felt like I needed to stick up for her and make sure that she didn't get overshadowed by her sister. That all seems like a big joke now.

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