Thursday, September 25, 2008

Furry Kids

So our furry child is not doing so well. His heart is enlarged and he has a stage 4 out of 6 heart murmor. He is on a heart medication and lasix. We have had my boy for over 9 years and it is hard to think of life without him. However we're not thinking about ourselves, Brian and I are more worried about Landree at this point. She tells us she is Buddy's Girl and he is her best friend and when she gets upset and mad at Brian and I she goes and curls up with him and cries. I discussed it with our vet and he believes in getting a transition dog so that they have bonded to another pet before the other one goes. However, he also warned that if we got one that kept Buddy riled up then that would shorten his life span. So basically Brian and I don't know what to do. He didn't recommend we get another bulldog like we were thinking but instead recommended a pug. Brian wants a boxer- I don't. They're cute in a goofy kind of way but I am not ready for that big of a dog inside. Sophie has taught me that I leave too much food on the counters for a tall dog. Landree has become obsessed with wanting, "her own animal." She keeps seeing a the commercial for the movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua and begs, "Momma, I want a WahWa, I neeeeeeed a Wahwa." She tried to convince me that Aunt Melanie needed to buy her one. She's already convinced Aunt Melanie to buy her a pink fish. So I looked online at pugs today. Peyton came behind me and spied this one and has fallen in love.

She asked me if we could go get it this afternoon. I told her we weren't going anywhere. She then responded with, "Well, can Daddy go by and get her one his way home from work?" So as a joke, I sent him an email that said, "Peyton wants you to go by and pick this up for her on the way home" and attached the picture. That Daughter doting man responded with, "Where do I need to go?" He was serious- I called him and he asked if he had enough in his account to go get it. Uh- no. Later in the night he asked whenever we did this were we going to get two dogs- one for each girl. Good heavens if I left it up to them I would have Buddy the Boston, two barking rats (Peyton wants to carry hers in her purse) and a big boxer. But you all know who would be in charge of all the critters- so no.

Typhoid Mary may have to go back to the doctor tomorrow- You know our insurance is loving the Craft girls. She is needing her Rescue Inhaler every 4 hours and actually isn't really making it the 4 hours. She had to have it twice at school today. Her school is AWESOME. They have a nurse's office that is larger than Peyton's classroom with two exam rooms and they have a full time nurse and nurse's aide there at all times. They called me at the end of the day because Peyton's teacher had sent her to them because she was so bad off. When Peyton crawled into the car at the end of the day, she asked me if we had to go anywhere and when I said no, she told me, "Good because my chest is tired and I want to just lay on the couch." My poor baby-I can hear her right now coughing in her sleep. She has a recheck appointment Monday with our pediatrician but I don't know that she's going to make it that long.

Here is Peyton at Ms. Abbydabbys lucky #7 birthday party
(In one of the pictures I thought she was shoving food in her mouth- she loves going to the Willards because they have all the forbidden food she can't have at home. I then realized that she was just like normal for these days- just her covering her mouth to cough)

Grandparents, I realize there have not been pictures of the girls recently but they don't really care to have their picture taken when they don't feel well- I'll work on it this weekend.

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