Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quick Update

Thank goodness Daddy took some of his poker money with him to work today and bought some more Golden Quarter Dollar Coins as Peyton calls them. Because she lost another tooth today. During supper, she could not stop fooling with it and was even bleeding. I left to go to Weight Watchers and hadn't even made it a mile when Brian called me and told me she had pulled it. I didn't get home until she was in bed. I checked on her so I could see it but didn't take my camera with me so sorry no pictures today.
  • Speaking of Weight Watchers, I actually lost this week. I realized that I didn't have my weight on the ticker quite right so that is why you see a .6 this week.
  • Yeah- Landree made it through the entire day of Mother's Day Out today without getting a fever- the first time in over two weeks.
  • Brian and I went to Peyton's Parent-Teacher Conference today. I'm working on the PTA newsletter so I don't have time to tell you about it but her first words were how highly verbal Peyton was- so you know it was good. I'll fill you in tomorrow.
  • I got an email today that we had an upgrade on our cruise and we are now in an Owner's Suite which is a lot bigger than we were in- so yeah for us.

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