Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Landree's First Day

So Landree started Mother's Day Out yesterday. She was very excited she was getting to finally go to school. However, she was the most excited that her dress had a belt. She even wanted to call her Daddy to tell him she had a belt. We got Peyton off to school, came home and packed her lunch, backpack, and nap roll and off we went. I got her stopped long enough to take pictures. She wanted to stand exactly where Peyton had stood for her first picture and of course she has adopted the same head tilt that Peyton currently is doing.

I finally got her to look at the camera.

And then of course she gave me her standard Landree face. She used to drive me nuts with this face. I then realized that one day she will no longer want me to take her picture and I will miss this face.
We got her to school and she was happy as a lark and could have cared less when I left.
We have got her double covered with Epi-Pens and Benadryl. They are keeping a set in the office locked up like normal and then I leave the case that we carry with us everywhere up on a high shelf. They're happy and I'm happy so we'll just pray it never has to be used.

I was excited to pick her up and when I got in her room, the first thing she told me was, "Momma, I pet mouse." Her teacher has a few pet mice and a pet rat and Landree was thrilled. I then asked her what she did today and she told me, "I Eat." She ate and she got to play with critters- a perfect day for Landree and I got to take a shower without worry if someone was going to wake up or if the house was being torn down around me.


Tracy said...

I just love seeing that little face!!! Your girls are so beautiful!

Karlise said...

Oh my, she's sooo cute! BTW, does she have her Crocs on the wrong feet??

(from OBBC)

Karlise said...

Meant to add- the Crocs just make it all the cuter!