Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Typhoid Mary and Tuberculosis Annie

Those are the new names of my children. I dropped Peyton off at school this morning, came back, got Landree ready, dropped her off at Mother's Day Out (she was so excited because she didn't go all last week because she was sick), ran by Target, and went back to Peyton's school to volunteer. I left there a little after noon and then Landree's school called to say she had a 101 degree fever. I pick her up, take her home, eat lunch, called the pediatrician's office when they reopened after lunch, and then loaded her up to go in. Her pediatrician laughed when she walked in- Landree was there last Wednesday and Peyton was there two weeks ago today. She thought she might have a bladder infection because every time she pressed on it, Landree would try to move her hand. An hour later and me triumphantly getting a clean-catch urine sample out of a two year old- no infection. So then we were sent to Pedi-Q at the hospital next door to get blood work done. Still don't know what's wrong but no nap and a 103 degree temperature does not make Tuberculosis Annie a pleasant child.

Brian took the afternoon off and picked up Peyton and then took her to swimming lessons. She started coughing again after lessons and still at 10 o'clock tonight she has not stopped- I mean every 20-30 seconds type of cough. It got bad enough that Brian called me twice during my Weight Watchers meeting. He doped her up with several medicines and I picked her up an ice cream cup on the way home. At 8:30 I couldn't handle it anymore and took her to Good Night Pediatrics and our fear was confirmed. Her asthma is back. Well technically the pediatrician told me that asthma never goes away it can just be dormant for a few years. So back to Flo-Vent twice a day and Xopenex for a rescue inhaler. I'm trying to not be sad about it and just look at as we just had a year and a half break. What does scare me some is that it NEVER was this bad in Little Rock.

So now you know why I refer to them as Typhoid Mary and Tuberculosis Annie. Peyton heard me say the names earlier and informed me that my friends sure had some odd names. If anyone knows of disinfecting company, send me their number. I think at this point the house needs to be tented and disinfected.

Okay so you see my ticker up there is unchanged- yep it has been updated. No change. However, I decided to open my big trap tonight at my meeting and mention my weight ticker post. Well the address got posted so welcome Ladies and Gentleman from my meeting. Hopefully the extra people will kick my butt into gear so the more the merrier.

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btschulze said...

You have a saving grace... the majority of the meeting will get lost on the way to your site after we wiped the 's' out of the blog's name.

We can do it....