Monday, September 15, 2008

Two Weekend Wrap Up

Last weekend, Mom came to be with Peyton for Grandparents day. She drove 7 hours for a half hour deal- Yeah Nana. However she went up to that school 4 times. First to drop Peyton off with me and Landree, 2nd- for Grandparent's Day, 3rd- to eat lunch with her, 4th- to pick her up- I wasn't invited. Thats the most walking she has done since her foot surgery. On Saturday, she made a tooth pillow for Peyton for the tooth we are still waiting for her to lose. Saturday night we went to a crop with Haley and Heather and had such a good time. I got this layout done

On Sunday we had to say good-bye to Nana and took a hacking Peyton with us to church. She had a friend sit with her for the first time during service- so it begins. We had rally Sunday so Peyton started her new Sunday School Class. I was a loser for Grandparent's Day this year and only emailed this to Grandma and Papa and basically Mom just got to see us.

I took Peyton in on Wednesday but they basically told me she just had the crud but she did get Flu-Mist so all was not lost. Brian tried to be a kid again and slid into 3rd base and came home covered in blood and dirt. For his birthday, I made molten lava chocolate cakes- holy cow they are to easy and that is dangerous. Brian said they can replace all chocolate cakes from now on. We did get to go to Pappasitos with a friend of his from work and his wife- with NO kids!
Peyton was supposed to have 3 birthday parties this weekend but she still has the crud and it got worse and she ended up only going to 1 party. Landree now has the crud and I didn't go to sleep until 4 o'clock this morning. Bless her heart she is miserable and her head was so stuffed up that she can't suck her thumb. She then proceeded to take only a 45 minute nap- how in the world she is still going I have no idea. Brian didn't walk in until almost 7:30 tonight and if wouldn't have had have supper with him- I wouldn't have stayed. I have wiped more snot and listened to more coughing then I could stand. And of course when a two year old thinks she has to be laying on you to sleep when she's sick, face to face- you then get sick. My throat is sore and I don't feel well and Landree doesn't get to go to Mother's Day Out tomorrow so I can go potty in peace. But of course it's her snack day so I need to take snacks up there. My matra now is- In 3 weeks you'll be sailing to the Bahamas, in three weeks, you'll be sailing to the Bahamas- yeah

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btschulze said...

I'm glad to see you're back on the blog although I hate hearing about the creeping crud. I was actually starting to feel some pity for you until you started into your Bahama-mama mantra.... pity party over. (But I do pray it's all gone and everyone's healed up by then.)