Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where are the jackets?

So we have been running around wearing short sleeves and capris the last few weeks and it has finally caught up with us. We woke up to cold weather Thursday morning and it hasn't let up since. Yesterday was miserable with rain. It was one of those days that all you wanted to do was stay in your pajamas, drink hot chocolate and eat warm stick to your ribs food. Well, that's pretty much what we did today. The girls stayed in their pajamas all day long and we didn't step foot out of the house.

Landree is now wanting you to read to her all the time. You hear, Mama-read, Daddy-read, a lot and don't even think about trying to put her to bed without reading to her. Every morning this week we have watched Sesame Street. Landree now knows all of the characters. My favorite is hearing her say Monstuh for Cookie Monster. She even watched Plaza Sesamo this morning- you guessed it, Sesame Street in Spanish. So I think we are definitely going to have a Sesame Street birthday. That is all I am going to say about that because it will be here one month from tomorrow and I'm not ready for my baby to be 2.

When your child's preschool teacher tells you that your child is going to be a lovely teenager you might be in trouble. Yesterday, Peyton put on the same style of socks she has always worn. She started complaining that the seam was on top of her toes and no matter how many times I told her that is how they always look, she didn't care. All the way to school she whined and complained about that seam. She then fussed when I told her to leave her sweater on while in her classroom because she was afraid she might get hot. Her teacher just laughed. Peyton is going to play soccer this spring. While watching Sesame Street she got all excited because there were kids playing soccer. She then announced that we had to go shopping. When I asked her why she informed me that she needed some of those outfits. Only my child would call soccer uniforms-outfits.

Everyone knows she sleeps with a sleep mask. Santa put new ones in the girls stockings but it always seems like we are going on a sleep mask hunt at night. Tonight I was tucking her in and she said, "Oh, No, my sleep mask." So I started hunting and she said, "Don't worry, I have an extra," and pulled her old one from under her pillow. I almost fell out. Our joke is that we are probably the only ones with a kid who uses a sleep mask every night. Now I know we are the only family that has a kid who keeps one under her pillow for that just in case middle of the night sleep mask emergency.

Grandma- expect a call from Peyton. She is mad that her daddy did her knicklepit. She is wanting to call you to tattle-tale on her daddy. She hit her hand against Brian's and her knuckle popped and she has been fighting mad ever since. She's planning to call you tomorrow afternoon.

Well we plan to go to early church tomorrow even though Peyton is lobbying for late church so she can sleep late- it has started young. I am starting to feel the need to start my Spring cleaning and organizing and should start going through the girl's closets tomorrow. Haley and I are planning a future trip to the Container Store. I'm sure the angels sing when you walk the the door of that place.

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