Saturday, January 12, 2008

Deals, Deals, Deals

Well in my quest to save money, I found way too many deals in the last few days. I was at Old Navy at ten o'clock on Friday morning to get in on their clearance specials. Everything was at least 75% off. I got Peyton things for next year since she is going to big girl school, GULP! I only found one pidally shirt for Landree, a few things for myself, and Brian made out like a bandit. Mr. Craft is now wearing size 38 pants and is very excited. I got him some dress shirts for $4.74 a piece- yeah. Brian and Peyton were trying on their clothes and I was glad that I had gotten Landree a shirt because she started stripping her clothes off and wanted to try something on. She got her shirt on and started pointing to it and telling Brian, wook, daddy, wook. She was so proud of herself. For the last two nights we have been playing High School Musical on the Wii. We have all been singing all of the songs every night. Brian likes to say that I am addicted but I sure have seen him singing a lot. I once said I was robbed when I didn't get a high score. Now everytime Peyton plays, she asks me if she was robbed.

Today Kacy and Abby came over for a few hours while Brian helped Haley and Marcus pick up a new cabinet. It felt like old times from the summer, the girls were playing house, dolls, and Wii. We all went to Alamo Cafe for lunch. Afterwards, Landree went down for a nap, Peyton went to the Willards, and Haley and I went shopping. We hit Old Navy again where they had put new things out and I got more things for Peyton for school, a few $3 T-shirts for my SAHM wardrobe, and $7.24 blue jeans for Brian. We then hit up Costco for a great deal on a toaster oven and I got two foam pop up books for Landree's birthday. Next up was Target where I picked up more Elmo diapers for the Wild Child and sure enough when we made it back to the house Brian said that she pitched a fit when she realized there were only Cinderella diapers.

At Target I experienced pure joy and almost cried in the middle of the freezer section. The guys were going to play poker at Jim's and the kids and I were going to camp out at the Willards. Haley and I were trying to figure out what the kids were going to eat tonight and we went by to look at the Kid's Cuisines and next to them were Ian's Dinners which are known for being allergen free. I picked up the box just to see and they had a TV dinner with Chicken Nuggets, corn, mashed potatoes, and a chocolate brownie that Landree could eat. I had to fight the urge to buy everyone they had. So the three big girls had Kid's Cuisines and Landree got to join in and have her first TV dinner. It was a very exciting moment for me. Of course she ate the brownie first.

With Haley's advice, I finally finished my first scrapbook page. While we were at Mawmaw's we learned that Landree could enjoy one my childhood favorites, Moonpies. When I was a kid, I remember being shocked when I saw them at a store in Shreveport because I thought they were only sold at Mawmaws. Landree is still eating the ones that Brian bought in Louisiana. Aunt Geneva said that if we can't find them here, she will send Landree a box of them and I'm sure she will. Now, I really don't want to know what is in them since they are milk and egg free. The funny thing is- Peyton does not like them. I never thought I would find a sweet that kid wouldn't eat.

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