Monday, January 28, 2008

We're back in Civilization

Well we made it through the weekend. On Thursday I took Landree (I lost) to get her desensitization for a flu shot and two hours later we finally got out of there. Tip for other moms- I took our dvd player and she watched Shrek for an hour and that really helped. Peyton didn't go to school again on Friday. We did go to Target just so we could get out of the house. Kacy was having a friend sleep over for her birthday and Haley and I had talked about having Abby come over here. We didn't tell the girls until we knew if our house was going to be free from quarantine or not. Haley and I made the plan and Abby was going to come over and we were going to have a picnic. Well we kind of forgot that Abby might have an opinion and she wanted to stay with the big kids. Haley asked her if she wanted Peyton to come spend the night with her and Abby did but asked if we could bring the picnic food. Doesn't she just crack you up? I don't want to know what all Kacy promised her but Abby decided to come and we all had a picnic on the living room floor for supper and watched the new Disney Movie- Minutemen. Abby curled up in Brian's lap just like Peyton. She did resist the LSU blanket for a minute but then the cold won out. The girls and Mr. B (Abby's nickname for Brian) played Hannah Montana Wii.
All I need now is the Mini-van and I will be an official soccer mom. Saturday we registered Peyton for Soccer. We then went to the Willard's for Kacy's Two-Digit Birthday Party. The girls had pizza, cake and ice cream. Peyton only ate about 3 bites of pizza and maybe half her cake and ice cream. So I knew she wasn't back to normal yet. We then loaded up to go see Alvin and the Chipmunks at the movie theater. The kids loved it and I have to admit it was funny and a little odd because I remember when my cousin Tiffany was little and loved Alvin so much she wanted to name her baby brother Alvin and now she has two kids of her own. Here is a link to Haley's Pictures from the Party- We got home and ended up going out to Alamo Cafe with the Willard and McDonald families. We got the girls in bed at their normal time but Peyton was exhausted. Even though she was sitting all day- it was too much for her. So Brian and I decided that I would take Landree to church and he would stay home with Peyton so that she could rest up again.

Well again, nobody discussed the plans with Landree. Remember my earlier entries where I said I felt like my days seem to all boil down to poop. Well Sunday was no exception. I went in to get Landree and the stench hit me when I opened the door. She was covered in pooo. Sometime during the night she had taken her diaper off and had then pooped. It was all over her, the blankets and pillow, her crib, and she had even dropped some on the carpet. Well as you can imagine- we didn't make it to church. We had a lazy day and I went through paperwork and junk baskets and threw away 2 garbage bags full of crap. I am determined to get myself organized before spring gets here. Let's see how it goes.
When Brian and I decided to put Peyton in soccer, I made it clear to him that I knew nothing about Soccer and that he was taking the lead on it. So last night he started Brian's Soccer Camp. While I was cooking supper, Brian and Peyton started working on soccer moves. Our joke is that if Peyton can learn how to keep the ball away from Buddy that she will be a great soccer player. Landree played on the swing set. Brian taught Landree how to climb up the ladder by herself and when I finally learned how to breathe again, I took some pictures.

Peyton is doing better today. She is a little whiny still but she went back to school today and got back in the swing of things. I spent most of the day catching up on bills and all those nit-picky paperwork things that I seem to always put off. I then started my plan/list on getting the house clean and the food ready by the time everyone gets here for the Superbowl. Peyton heard me tell that to Jessica on the phone and Peyton's response was- "Oh, No, it's going to be a disaster." Thanks for the vote of confidence kid.
Peyton and I have been watching the newly revamped Miss America Pageant over the last few weeks on TLC. The actual pageant was this weekend and we were watching it tonight. One of the contestants was doing a ballet dance as her talent.
M: Peyton, you could do that when you get older
P: Do what
B: Compete in the Miss America Pageant and do a Ballet dance
P: I'm not going to be on the America Pageant, I'm going to be a Rockstar
B: Well then you need to learn how to sing then
P: Daddy, I already know how to sing- I don't have to learn
Let me know what you think of my new blog header. I'm not completely satisfied with it but I finally just had to stop playing with it.

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