Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Landree's ER Visit- #2

Okay so I haven't posted in awhile but I have been overwhelmed with the holidays and my 22 month old. So here is the biggest thing that happened in our house in the last two weeks. On Monday the 18th, Peyton was wanting some "Peace in the Potty." She shut the door and got Landree's thumb in it. It immediately started turning purple and she would not calm down. After a call to the pediatric nurse, we loaded up, dropped Peyton off at the Willards (thank goodness), and headed to the ER. Our second visit to the ER, our last one was Monday, September 17th when Peyton was giving Landree a boost and Landree ended up getting her eyebrow glued- Is anyone seeing a pattern here? So here is the run down.

Monday- ER trip- x-ray and it's not broken and the ER doctor said we didn't have to drain it now but if half of the nail turned purple we would need to go to the pediatrician to get it drained.
Tuesday- Woke up and of course the nail was 3/4 purple, called the ped office and the nurse said to bring her in. Pediatrician looked at it and had one of her partners look at it and they decided that risking an infection was far worse than the risk of not draining it because what 22 month old would keep something on her thumb and they stick their hands everywhere.

Wednesday- Still funky and starting to swell more

Thursday- She woke up at 2:00AM and told me "Mommy OOwwwieee" For future note- Motrin just hypes her up. I finally got her down at about 4:30. She woke up that morning at a decent time and it just looked horrible. I took a picture of it to send Dr. Aunt Melanie and as I was loading it, the pediatrician's office called to check on her. They called me back and told me she needed to go to a hand specialist. After the first 3 told me no, when the fourth one asked me if I could be there in an hour, I took her up on it. Brian met us there and they x-rayed it and it was broken and they then put 3 holes in the nail and she left there with a pink cast. There was not one single tear, the only time she got upset was when we took her medic alert bracelet off. The doctor and PA couldn't get over how good she was. All of this happened in less than an hour. I had packed several snacks thinking we would be there all day since we were worked in but I was wrong. Here are some pictures of her first cast:

Friday- When I say first cast- many of your are thinking- oh this is her first cast ever. Nope- that was her first cast in less than a day. I went to get her out of her crib this morning and she didn't have a cast on. "Landree, where is your cast?" "There," as she points across the room. Not only had she pulled it off but she had chunked it across the room. A call to the PA and off we go to get a second cast in less than 24 hours. This one is between her arm and elbow and she had a few crying fits today because she couldn't get it off.

She has done really well with the cast and she has continued on like normal. Besides clocking us a few times with it, the only trouble it brings is at bathtime. She hates getting the bag over her arm and taking a bath in the sink.

We go tomorrow to have the cast taken off. Hopefully they don't need to put another one back on. I am a little worried to see what that thumb looks like. Her cast is getting a little funky especially today when I see her trying to stick a pretzel down the opening in the thumb. Who knows what might fall out of that thing when they open it up. If the world goes according to my plan, I will give a full post on our holiday tomorrow. However, when you are the mom to the Wild Child- you plan, God laughs.

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