Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Disinfect before and after reading

Well now I'll just tell you how the doctor told us today, "We are the proud owners of a positive strep test." Just fabulous as I watch Landree drink out of Peyton's cup she has stolen for the 3rd time since we have been there.

Peyton woke up this morning again with no fever and a cranky attitude. She quickly infected her sister with her cranky attitude. Peyton was complaining of a sore throat so I called into the doctor and they wanted to see her. Then she started worrying over getting a flu shot and I was beginning to wonder if she was even sick. I didn't think it was possible to have a sore throat and talk and whine and bitch that much. By 10 I had banned them both to the playroom. I had to keep refreshing today so I could follow how Heath Ledger died and she if crazy Britney made it to court or not. You all know I am a gossip monger and since I don't have a school to gossip about I have to find something else to keep up with. After nap time, I got the girls ready and we went to the doctor for our 3:10 appointment.

Peyton got her temp taken and again it was starting to climb again. The doctor said that Peyton's tonsils were really swollen and she had a red throat. She didn't appreciate getting her throat swabbed but did like the pink popsicles that she and Landree got. Landree decided to make a hat out of a bucket and continually drop it, stand on a chair and try to take everything Peyton picked up. The test was positive and the doctor said she was surprised Landree didn't already have it and to watch her for the next few days and after 24 hours to change Peyton's toothbrushes. Of course- she just got a new expensive Tooth Tunes toothbrushes. We left there to head to Walgreens- last night Brian went to pick some refills I had called in for myself and there was a problem so Brian just told them I would be in to handle it today.

I go to pull in and realize I am the 10th car in line so I decided to go in to pick up my prescriptions and drop off Peyton's and one for Landree's Epi-pens and let Brian pick it them up on his way home. I thought I would be running in and out and just brought in my purse. Well it was no better inside. I stood in line holding the hood of Landree's jacket to keep her from playing in the shelves. I finally got up there and dropped off the new prescriptions and the kid from the Photo department tries to ring me up and it says that my prescriptions aren't covered. He then gets a pharmacy tech who can't figure it out who then gets a manager who can't figure it out. By this point, Peyton has found a book to start reading and Landree is standing on a chair walking from one to another. The manager finally comes back and decides we need to call the insurance company. While we were on the phone with them Peyton starts fussing she needs to go potty and Landree starts unloading my purse. After 1 hour in the store we finally walk out of there at 5:35. Oh did I mention that I forgot my cell phone and hadn't called Brian yet.

We get home and I try and call Brian on both of his cell phones and he doesn't pick up either. I quick called Haley and gave her the strep warning as I hear Landree scream out and Haley then asks if we were headed to the ER again- very funny. Landree had tried to play in the potty and Peyton had slammed the potty lid on her previously broken thumb. Now I have been cursing those cheap plastic toilet seats but I was grateful for them tonight. I got her calmed down and then Peyton came and got in my lap. I heard Landree scooting a stool around in the kitchen and told her to get out of the kitchen. People she came around the corner chugging a bottle of Children's Motrin and yes she had the lid off. My 23 month old had used a stool, climbed up on the counter, got the child-proof lid off the bottle and started chugging. I finally got Brian on the phone and told him he needed to take the morning off because one of us had to stay with Peyton and the other had to take Landree to get her extended flu shot and that I was going a little crazy and he might want to come home before I lock myself in my room for some peace and quiet.

Brian got home and we ate supper. This evening Landree was so cranky and fussy that I'm worried I'll be taking her in later in the week. Brian put Landree to bed and Peyton got to eat the ice cream he brought her. We're flipping a quarter to see who has to go for two hours with Landree and who gets to stay home with Peyton. I hope Peyton gets over her fever so that she can go to school on Friday afternoon because if she and I are cooped up for one solid week together one of us might not make it out alive.

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