Thursday, January 3, 2008

Landree is the toughest kid I know

The title says it all. She got her cast removed today without a single tear. Her thumb was bothering her some. Now she made it through blood being taken twice, three holes drilled into her thumbnail, two casts being put on, and one being removed by a saw and the only times she cried was taking the band-aid off her arm, taking her medic alert bracelet off, and getting her thumb x-rayed today. The tech that took her cast off couldn't get over how much of a big girl she was and he made her a present.

It is her cast with the fabric taken out and put back together and rewrapped and made into a piggy bank. She has packed it around all day- even in Target. Peyton even took money out of her own piggy bank to put in Landrees. I love sister moments.

While we were in Target- Landree spied her newest obsession-
Abby Cadabby- she is Elmo's new best friend. All of Target knew Landree had found Abby Cadabby yesterday. I always knew she was soulmates with Jayce Carter. His favorite was Elmo. What is it about these wild children and Sesame Street characters. Of course it might have something to do with our friend's daughter Abby who I watched over the summer.

Brian and Peyton had a battle of wills tonight over supper. We had grilled chicken, steamed sugar snap peas, and a flavored brown rice, barley and oat concoction- I know aren't we adults now. Brian got her to eat some and she barfed and had to go to bed early. I'm not sure who won that one. It just made me think about my lovely adults only dinner last night with the Willards at Paseanos. Landree ate all of her supper and even had a second serving. She got a Toffutti (code for fake) Chocolate Popsicle. Note to self- don't let her have this so late again. Half and hour later Buddy was ready to cry uncle when she kept bopping him on the back saying "duck, duck." Peyton taught her to play duck, duck, goose. I was trying to get her pjs on her and then found her naked climbing the stairs trying to find Peyton. Where was my camera when I need it?

My days are now numbered. Last night, I found our school district's calendar for next year. Something about seeing it in print and realizing that it was Peyton's school calendar threatened to send me over the edge. Let's just say that come August, Cathy, Melanie, and I might all be sharing prescription drugs. Between that and the thought of Landree potty training may make me check in to that nicely landscaped mental health center I passed today when I was taking Landree to the doctor.
Okay so Brian has decided to grow some facial hair. Here is the beginning stages. He wants to take a vote to see if people think he should keep it. I will take some pictures this weekend to see if it thickens up. So leave me a comment on what you think. I hope this isn't the start of a mid-life crisis.

Well, I had planned to do my Christmas recap blog today, but Haley let me in on this new message system called Hello where you can share pics and chat at the same time and I spent all evening playing with it instead of blogging. Ms. Marilyn if you are reading this, I hope you are recovering well.

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