Sunday, January 20, 2008

What is that silver gray stuff?

We actually saw ice this weekend. It was 27 degrees this morning on the way to church and that is the coldest weather we have been in since we moved here. Now I know that we have all lived through colder weather than that but Brian swears it is colder here. We went to Target after church and he complained it was cold the whole time we were there. I told him that is because he has lost so much weight he doesn't have his insulation anymore.

I worked on my Disney Scrapbooking this today. Here are my first two Disney pages.

The girls helped me make Chicken and Dumplings tonight and I think more dough ended up in their tummies than our pot. Abby and Kacy came over to spend the night. They are spending the day with us tomorrow. Peyton let Abby borrow her extra sleep mask. I am going to do my best to sneak in and get a picture of that.

Everyone keep the Hubbard family in their prayers. Keith's grandmother passed away last night.

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