Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mystery Fever and the Dysfunctional Family

So Peyton got a fever yesterday afternoon and I started doping her up with Tylenol. She got in our bed at 3 this morning and it was probably 4 before she finally got back to sleep. She woke up at 7:30 this morning right as rain. She played most of the day and complained a little bit about being tired and her stomach hurting. Sure enough, this afternoon the fever came back. So I doped her back up on Tylenol and gave her a Pepto for safe measure. She felt better once the Tylenol kicked in. I'm thinking about skipping dance and school tomorrow. I'll see how the morning goes.

I stayed home with the girls and Brian went to Weight Watchers without me. Our leader labeled Brian, Haley, and I a dysfunctional family a few months ago. Well the dysfunctional family has lost a member. Between the 3 of us we have lost 105 pounds and our leader told them that we have lost another person. Two good pieces of info- Haley is only 17 pounds from goal weight and in five months Brian has lost 53 pounds!!!!!

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