Thursday, January 17, 2008

Week in Review

So far we have had a semi-busy week. Monday was pretty quiet and I worked on our budget most of the day- blegh!

Tuesday we went to Princess Time at Sharkeys. One of the moms from Peyton's school got us all together. For $10 they get their makeup, hair, and nails done and get to prance around in whatever princess froufrou they can find in all the huge tubs of every possible princess item imaginable and then stand on stage and watch themselves on tv. I didn't pay for Landree but they still let her participate and I came out of there covered in hairglitter. Tuesday night Haley and I threatened to vote Brian off the island because he complained he had only lost 1/2 a pound. He's only down a measly 47 something pounds. I finally got above the 20 mark.

Wednesday- Landree has absconded with one of the laces to Peyton's tap shoes so we were almost late to dance class and we still never found it. Luckily they had extras. This was Peyton's first time in her new class and she was able to keep up. They were working on their new dance and by golly I think I might have found an outlet for her elephant memory. I was shocked at how well she remembered the dance steps- now I didn't say how well the execution was but she knew what she was supposed to be doing. I had to keep Landree away from two boys that were eating peanut butter crackers and milk and of course it was one of those families who don't believe in disciplining their children and I thought they were going to tear the place apart. The mom even said, I still bring her so that she isn't punished for having two brothers. Hey Lady, stop punishing the rest of us and discipline your kids. I had to spend most of my time biting on my teacher tongue. Haley called to let me know that poor Abby was throwing up at school and to watch out for our two since they were all together the night before. We went to look at a paint your own pottery place and that is were we are going to have Peyton's birthday party. We then had a Mama-daughters lunch out at Wendys and got Peyton to school. On the way out the M-M magnet known as Landree had one in her hand before I got to it. How in the world does she find these blasted M-Ms. I checked the mail and found a card from my former step-mother. So when Brian got home I went and walked my anxiety out on the treadmill and let him open it for me because I just haven't made it to that point yet.

Today- Brian normally leaves the house at 5:30 or so to go workout before work. Landree had an appointment with the new allergist so I planned to get up with him. Well, Brian woke me up at 7:15 this morning and we don't know what happened to the alarm. The girls and I got out in the 35 degree weather- yes you read right and made it to the doctor's office only 5 minutes late. I was much more impressed with this doctor. Brian would have loved him- he was spouting out numbers and percentages left and right. He looked at her results from her blood testing and did skin testing on her. She did not like the pricking at all and turned to drinking- water that is- Keep reading and you'll see why I might need something a little stronger.
Here was her pitiful little back after 15 minutes:

I labeled them so you could see it and for some reason the beef one doesn't look like it had a blister but it did. The histamine (which everyone should react to) wheel was 6mm X 5 mm, milk- 5X5, beef 5X5, egg- 8X6, and peanut- 9X6. So definitely still really allergic to egg and peanut and that correlates with the blood tests. He said that she is reacting more to milk than both tests would predict but that is the problem with these tests, they are indicators not predictors. And since she showed up on her blood work to beef and now her skin- he wants us to eliminate beef also. He said that he can't say for sure that she is allergic to beef but she could be developing the allergy and continued exposure will only increase it. Children's agreed with his conclusion this afternoon. WELL, CRAP. I haven't even gotten my mind around that one so I choose not to discuss that any further. She was not allergic to dogs or dust mites this time- YEAH!
He did say that the time she got diarrhea after sucking on a peanut mm (not even breaking through the shell) and then broke out in a rash all over her hiney that I thought was from a new diaper was indeed from her allergies and that the diarrhea still had enough of the allergen in it to cause skin problems. Aren't you so glad I shared that with you? He is very worried about her getting the flu with her asthma history so we go back next week and they will gradually give her little amounts of the flu shot in hopes that she won't react and can be protected. Supposedly the local health agency is predicting it will be a late nasty flu season in the next couple of months. He completely disagreed with the other doctor's recommendation with giving a 21 month old 5 chewable tablets in case of a reaction and told us to use benadryl and then epi if she starts getting respiratory issues. Overall he was so much better than the other doctor and I really liked him.
As you can see from the below picture- Peyton was less than impressed with the whole morning. She was mad that I woke her up early, that she didn't finish her breakfast because she was slow-wobbling, and that I wouldn't let her eat a snack in the allergist office.

Nice fake smile huh?

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