Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Four Year Old's Viewpoint

Peyton is really starting to crack me up while I watch her discovering the world. She is starting to say things that are on the edge of being cheeky but it really is just her trying to figure things out. As most everybody knows- she is the ultimate drama queen and is a bit of a whiny-hiney. Right before Christmas we were leaving the Willards house and she was upset we were leaving and proceeded to whine and cry all the way home. I told her that if she didn't stop she was going to get a spanking. She looked at me with the most curious face and said, "How are you going to do that- I'm buckled in?" My first thought was to tell Brian to pull over but then it dawned on me that she wasn't being a smart butt- she was really trying to figure that one out.

Yesterday, she was pitching a fit because she was having to clean the playroom that she had messed up. I told her that if she did not stop crying she was going to get a spanking and go get in her bed (are you noticing a pattern here?). Peyton's response- Will I still have to clean the playroom? That child was really considering getting the spanking in order to avoid cleaning that playroom.
Haley gave me some nightgowns she had bought a few months ago and has outgrown. Yeah for Haley and for me. It is really great motivation for me. I don't know what I look like, but I do know what Haley looks like so it is neat to have clothes that either fit or don't and then I have a goal to work towards. Last night I was snuggling with Peyton in her bed and reading her a chapter out of her American Girl Nicki book. I realized that she was sniffing me. She looked up and asked, "Mama, is that Ms. Haley's shirt?" Why do you think that Peyton. "Because it smells like Abby and Kacy's Mom." Of course I had to get on messenger with Haley and share that she has a distinct enough smell that even a four year old notices it.

For her fourth birthday last March, she got a new bike. That is the only time that bike has been riden because she fell off and wouldn't get back on it. So today we put her on the bike to get her going again. Her helmet wasn't fitting right but we stuck it on her head and went on because it was an 80 plus degree day in January and we were going to enjoy it. She was successful and finally started riding it herself.

Landree wasn't just happy with her tricycle and ended up on her four-wheeler and both of Peyton's bikes.

Peyton was very hesitant on her bike and I got her going because I would tell her that she couldn't catch me and of course her competitive nature kicked in she had to chase me. She even started yelling, "You better run Mama, I'm going to catch you." She then chased Brian for awhile and then it went South. She started headed downhill towards the curb and didn't slow down and at the last minute tried to turn and she crashed. Her forehead hit the curb and gave her quite a goose egg. Brian put Landree down and went running. Landree went berserk and started hollering, "Peypey, Peypey." It ended up taking longer to get her calmed down than Peyton. Keeping ice on a four-year olds head is not easy so I designed a system involving a ziploc of frozen peas, a paper towel and two headbands. We made a bed for her on the couch:

Of course Landree had to join her. Can you tell we like fleece blankets and pillows? Remember it was over 80 degrees here today. I mentioned getting her a new helmet and Peyton quickly informed us that she was not getting back on that bike and she wanted a new one. I convinced her that Daddy would work on the seat of hers and she should be fine.

Our neighbors got a trampoline and invited Peyton over so of course she was no longer injured. She had a great time over there with Britney.

During bathtime tonight, Brian forgot about the bump when washing her hair and all hell broke loose. I am not going to worry about her expressing her feelings because after Brian and she had gone back and forth for awhile I heard her say, "Daddy, you have made me sad and hurt my feelings." When I was drying her off she told me that her Daddy had hurt her zit. She meant goose egg and kept calling it zit for the rest of the night. She then showed me the bruise on her hip and told me that her hip bone was broken and she was going to need a walking stick or a wheelchair. Brian quickly informed her that after all of the jumping she had done on the trampoline that he thought she was going to be okay. I'm just glad there wasn't another ER visit involved, no need in that CPS file getting any larger.

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HaleyW said...

The more I read of this post, the more I laughed! Sounds like a typical day at the Craft house! BTW - I think that you and I have "out-shrunk," not "outgrown!" haha You are looking fabulous, dahling! :) Cya' soon!